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Hello + Welcome

I’m Rae - a wife and mommy to two adorable little ones,

a former educator, a small business owner and community

/ marketing maven where I play a role in nurturing the

growth of businesses and organizations.  The road that

led me here has been quite the adventure, filled with twists

and turns and lots and lots of lessons (I’ll save the details for

another day).


It’s all somehow landed me here -  with a wealth of clarity, skills

and experiences that I’m super excited to share. Above all, it has

allowed me to live in my true passion:  doing whatever I can to

ignite people's inner fires and support them towards unveiling all

the latent possibilities within.


I know first hand the overwhelming emotions that accompany starting a new journey. From those late-night brainstorming sessions where ideas are flowinggg, to the initial planning stages, all the while battling imposter syndrome, and experiencing information overload when you finally muster the courage to finally research what taking the first step would be. Then as your idea finally takes flight, you’ll inevitably find yourself DIYing everything as you yearn for more time to focus on the bigger vision and direction, rather than getting bogged down in technical intricacies of building a website or creating a marketing game plan, etc.

This can all feel daunting—because, let's face it, it truly is! But one thing I can assure you is that making the crossover to the other side is worth it, your dreams are worth it!


Here’s the good news. You don’t have to do this alone and confused. In fact - you’re not meant to. 


My heart behind Evermore Studio is to partner with you in your journey - being the very thing I and many others wish we had in our own journeys. My mission here is to empower your crossover and help you witness for yourself the transformative power of journeying to the other side of fears, overthinking, and let's face it-  lack of know-how + strategy. 


The possibilities on the other side are truly endless.

Whether you find yourself in the stage where only your journal holds your ideas, are already launched and seeking foundational business elements, or you're an expert looking to reclaim time for the bigger picture –  Evermore Studio is here to serve and empower you with tailored resources, products, and inspiration for your unique journey.

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About Me 
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