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jewelry for self expression


about evermore

My name is Rae and I am the owner and creator of Evermore Designs.. I started Evermore Designs out of a deep desire to explore my creativity that once felt locked up inside. I found myself beginning to come alive as I honored my lifelong love of working and creating with my hands.

As I create small batch jewelry and hair accessories inspired by the season and various mediums of art design - I also hope to inspire and support fellow creatives as they embrace living out their passions.

I’ve been on a journey of creating a life that is most aligned with my core values and right now that means being home with my beautiful daughter and growing this small business of mine as she naps (:

You being here, in my little virtual corner is my fuel. Thank you so much for the unwavering love and support.

xo, Rae

send some

happy mail

It only takes a minute (and a few clicks) to make someone’s day. Send a cute pair of earrings + a personalized note to celebrate.. affirm.. motivate.. etc. 

Printed on dreamy translucent vellum paper that will overlay a metallic card stock to add to the elegance.

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